Some Weird Sin

Things get too straight; I can’t bear it I feel stuck; stuck on a pin I’m trying to break in; oh, I know it’s not for me But the sight of it all makes me sad and ill That’s when I want some weird sin That’s when I want some weird sin just to relax […]

The Young Men in Pain Omnibus

My first four books collectively known as the Young Men in Pain Quartet are now available in a big single volume. This also includes my only published short story to date. That’s 562 pages of fiction for the price of a beer. Available here.

James Franco is at it again

November 2012 Caspar Vega releases his masterpiece novella The Eclectic Prince with this cover image. October 2013 James Franco releases his debut novel Actors Anonymous with this cover image.   August 2016 Caspar Vega releases his Hollywood/Civil War novel Hayfoot where the protagonist is playing the lead character in a heist thriller called The Vault. […]