Caspar Vega began writing when he was eight years old, starting with profane rap songs, moving on to angsty poetry, and eventually graduating to a decent short story or two. He started taking it seriously in 2009, a few days after turning 18.

This is when he began work on what would eventually become his masterpiece debut novella The Eclectic Prince. After completing and self-publishing The Eclectic Prince in 2012, Vega’s second book The Sexorcism of Amber Holloway attracted some initial interest from Portland-based publisher Eraserhead Press.

A contract never materialized, Vega remained independent, and six more books followed. Crossing many genres with noir as the strongest influence, these books dealt with varied themes including love, lust, obsession, family, heroism, and faith.

Wanting to reach a wider audience and make some actual money for once, Vega turned his attention towards TV and wrote his first pilot script entitled Alpha Mole in early 2018. A second script called Iron Flowers was completed in the summer of 2019.

While trying to achieve enough momentum to be a full-time artist, he supported himself with various day jobs, including working as a security guard, video store clerk, gas station attendant, call center operator, and marketing copywriter.

Stay tuned.